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Types of Hammocks
Lounging in a hammock, whether indoors or outdoors is something everyone should experience. Hammocks come in all sizes, styles, colors, and fabrics, each offering comfort, convenience, and practicality. Many hammocks swing, allowing for an even greater sense of relaxation. Regardless if you need a one-person hammock, two-person hammock, or a hammock chair, you will find something perfect for your need.

As an example, the single rope hammock swing provides top comfort and plenty of space. This hammock measures 45 by 60 inches, weighs 16 pounds, and should be hung 6.5 inches to 8.5 inches from the ground. If you prefer a swing stand, you can use that as well. This particular style hammock will hold up to 350 pounds, allowing enjoyment for one or two people.

The garden swing is another comfortable hammock perfect for people with limited space. This hammock measures 24 by 24 inches and can be used hanging 6.5 inches to 8.5 inches, or with a swing stand. The cotton swing single chair is a great choice, generally made from 100% cotton. The chair is cozy and the style has a beautiful oak spreader, ideal for indoor furniture or outdoor pleasure. If you have a teenager, they would be thrilled to have this chair in their room. One person can use the chair, which is only 24 inches wide.

Typically made from 100% polyester is the fabric swing double chair. This chair is durable and comfortable. This too would be ideal for either indoor or outdoor use and can easily hold two people with ease. Come home after a long day, plop down in this hammock chair, and enjoy time to read your favorite book or if you prefer some snuggle time, this is the chair to use. This double hammock chair is 48 inches wide and perfect for any occasion.

If you want a hammock chair that is unlike any other, one that is stylish, beautiful, and looks too good to put outside, the curved arched Roman Arc hammock chair stand is ideal for your hammock. Made from cypress with a magnificent natural finish, people will marvel at the unique design.

One of the most popular brands of hammocks is the Mayan Hammock. In fact, the American Medical Journal reported this brand to be the most comfortably designed in the world. This company produces hammocks with colors to match the mood or atmosphere. If you want something bright to liven up your patio, you will find numerous colors and patterns from which to choose. If you prefer something more relaxed and tranquil, soft colors are available. Each hammock is handmade by a local artist, guaranteeing top quality and comfort.
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