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Many people start with an outdoor set up, but once they realize how comfortable it is, quickly add indoor hammocks to their home décor. Indoor hammock is becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason - the comfort and style offer by hammocks is unmatched.

Consider that thousands of people have traded in their beds for a hammock, and it's conceivable that a person might one day have a hammock in every room of his/her house. Hammocks also offer people a great way to relax when indoors since they are suspended above the ground.

Nicaraguan hammocks are made of cotton cord. While not as durable as other hammock materials, it looks perfect indoors and offers a smooth feel and authentic style. Although it is not as durable, a Nicaraguan hammock looks nice in a room or when it is set up. Indoor hammocks are also more comfortable since they so not need to be as durable to survie the elements.

Tan and earth tones are perfect for outdoor setting, but also work well for indoor hammock use. They include browns and some tans that are perfect fits for the traditional and contemporary living room decorating scheme. Many people like to have a white indoor hammock since this matches almost every type of décor.
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