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Quilted Hammocks
A quilted hammock is made of quilted fabric, designed to make the hammock even softer, more comfortable, and durable to last even longer than other hammocks. The quilted hammock is designed from using two layers of polyester and soft polyfiber fill that is weather resistant. This special blend can withstand harsh outdoor temperatures much better than other materials. Much like what you would find when sleeping all snuggled up with your favorite quilt - you will feel the same when relaxing on your quilted hammock. If you enjoy sleeping outdoors, you will find that the quilted hammock provides additional warmth.

The weather resistant fabrics are ideal for keeping your hammock looking great and keeping it as comfortable as the first day that you bought it. Hatteras hammocks are beautifully designed quilted hammocks, sure to bring years of joy and relaxation. If you want something to blend with your backyard or add some color, you can choose from numerous colors. The fabric is made from an acrylic colorfast, meaning that it is difficult to fade, mildew, or even stain. Quilted with fiberfill batting just as grandma used in her quilts, you will find that your quilted hammock is the ultimate in durability and comfort.

To complete the design and construction of each hammock, durable brass grommets are used. You and another person can share the hammock, specially designed with a spreader made from solid oak and with hardware zinc-plated for hanging. The standard size quilted hammock is 55 inches x 82 inches, and a full 13 feet long. Standard colors include green burgundy and blue, green and gray, sky blue with a yellow stripe, taupe and black floral print, silver, brass, blue and gray strip, red quarry, and taupe and black stripe. However, if you want something custom made, all you need to do is ask.

One of the best selling quilted hammocks offers amazing comfort, made from the same weather and fade resistant material. This hammock is from Hatteras and is perfectly made for a reasonable price. This hammock comes with the oak spreader bars and special zinc-plated hardware.

For a fantastic finish, consider using your quilted hammock with a 15-foot stand designed in green, taupe, or from the favorite choice of cypress. You will never want to relax anywhere else again.
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