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Silk hammocks are actually made from the special nylon known as parachute silk that is used in making traditional parachutes. This material is extremely strong, weather-resistant and breathable, exactly like the parachutes in use today. Amazing, this silk material is very strong, even stronger than traditional rope or woven hammocks. Although it is a solid piece of cloth, the breathability of parachute silk means that moisture will evaporate, ensuring that you will never feel clammy while lying in it like you would be other hammock material. The material is also very light weight; a double-size silk hammock can hold up to 350 pounds, yet weights less than two pounds itself, making it perfect for hiking and camping trips.

The attention to detail in a silk hammock meets the same high standards expected in a parachute. The nylon thread helps prevent fraying and wear, and is difficult to break. All stitching is triple for durability, and all seams are doubled to provide added strength where the sections of material join. Parachute silk will not rot when left out in the elements because of its nylon material and the breathability mentioned earlier. This is a fabric that does not have to be "babied." Simply fold it into its drawstring carrying bag and carry it over your shoulder wherever you go. The hammock folds neatly to a size not much bigger than a football!

The silk hammock is available in a variety of brightly colored combinations that reflect the tropics and will spruce up any corner of your home. Remember that the silk hammock can be taken with you just about anywhere you go, providing you with the ultimate in comfort. You could even pack your hammock in a suitcase or a travel carry-on. Whether buying for yourself or as a gift, this hammock is one that everyone will love!
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